Affinity Circuit Rules

General Tech and Safety Requirements:

Our tech is very simple and mainly common sense. -No leaking fluids! -Battery tied down (no bungee, zip ties), -no loose items in cab, -all studs and wheel nuts, -properly installed seat belt/ harness, -DOT Helmet, -At least a 4 point roll bar in open top vehicles (factory roll over protection is OK), Fire Extinguisher mounted in car within drivers reach. *common sense…


REGULATIONS -Revised 2018
-Drivers requirements for licensing
1.1 All drivers must be 18-years of age to compete.
Drivers 16-18 years old may compete with additional
release forms signed by the parent or guardian and that
parent or guardian present at the event at all times.
1.2 -Removed 2018-
1.3 -Removed 2018-
1.4 Driver must believe that he/she is capable of
controlling the vehicle at all times and do so in a safe
1.5 Driver must wear a closed toe shoe -Revised 2018-
-2. Technical Inspection
2.1 All drift vehicles must pass a tech inspection. Vehicles
will be inspected prior to driving on track at each event –
Revised 2018-.
2.2 Any vehicle may be inspected at any time during any
event. If vehicle fails for any reason it must be repaired
and re-inspected before returning to the event.
2.3 -Removed 2018-
2.4 The technical manager’s decision is final and no
protest may be made regarding his/her decision.
2.5 The driver/ car owner or a team representative must
be present during tech inspection.
-3. Vehicle requirements
3.1 All vehicles entered must be of a RWD platform.
Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis -Revised
3.2 Vehicle must have car entry number and class (S=
Solo, T= Tandem) on both the front and rear windshield
at least 6” tall, or at least 12” tall on the doors.
3.3 Vehicle may not have any fluid leaks of any kind.
Vehicle must have a radiator catch can.
3.4 Vehicle battery must be securely fastened and
positive terminal covered. Battery must be enclosed
either in the engine bay or in a battery box.
3.5 Vehicle must be in good working condition and safe
to operate.
3.6 Vehicle must have a front and rear towing apparatus
(factory tow hook or aftermarket)
3.7 -Removed 2018-
3.8 Vehicle should be clean and presentable with no
major damage -Revised 2018-
3.9 Vehicle can run any power adder no restrictions on
engine or transmission modifications.
3.10 Vehicle must be able to start on its own.
3.11 Any suspension and chassis modifications can be
3.12 There must be a firewall and driveline may not be
exposed. -Revised 2018-
3.13 Fuel system is free to modify, fuel cells are highly
3.14 No fuel lines may be ran through driver’s
3.15 Vehicle must have at least 1 working headlamp and
functioning tail lights, if that vehicle is to run after
sunset. -Revised 2018-
3.16 A vehicle may be disqualified if vehicle is deemed to
loud by either the Technical Manager or Chief Steward.
But this is unlikely. -Revised 2018-
3.17 Interior must be clean with no lose objects,
removable objects should be removed.
3.18 Vehicle must have factory seat belts of a lap and
shoulder type or a 3/4/5 point harness correctly installed
with a line drawn through the drivers spine and shoulder
harness is 70-degrees or greater.
3.19 Vehicles doors must be able to be opened from the
outside and opening mechanism must be clearly visible.
3.20 Vehicles may not have any obscene or drug nature
logos/ decals/ markings on vehicle. Drift Evolution
reserves the right to remove or cover these items while
event is in session.
3.21 Any tire is allowed. No cords/ metal banding may
3.22 Vehicle must have a fire extinguisher mounted in
vehicle within drivers reach.
3.23 See above and do it.
4.1 -Removed 2018-
4.2 If a driver, crew member or team member is acting in
any way that is endangering others they may be
immediately expelled from the event. All drivers and
there teams must make safety there number one
priority. Drift Evolution reserves the right to deem any
action or condition unsafe. Unsafe behavior will not be
4.3 Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated
4.4 Drift Evolution would prefer all stereos to be off at
events. If music is being played it must be at a low
volume and radio edit at all times.
4.5 The driver is responsible for his car, team, crew and
guest conduct at all times during any Drift Evolution
event/ function.
4.6 Demeaning talk or action toward any other driver or
team will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 event
suspension see 4.3 and don’t be a jack ass…
4.7 Drift Evolution is a family geared event all drivers and
teams should act accordingly
4.8 Falsification of entry- An entry that contains false or
incorrect information may be null and void. Entry fee will
be forfeited.
4.9 If an unregistered driver is found driving in a
registered car the car and driver will be expelled from
that event and forfeit entry fee.
4.10 The use of any drug or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
If any Drift Evolution staff believes a driver or team
member is under the influence they will be immediately
expelled and forfeit entry fee. Alcohol is allowed after
the track goes cold.
4.11 All drivers must attend drivers meeting.
5. Required Safety Equipment
5.1 Helmets must be Snell or DOT certified.
5.2 Driving suits are highly recommended and will be
rewarded with comps. Shirts and closed toe shoes are
required. Gloves are highly recommended.
5.3 Restraint system must be of OEM lap and shoulder
belt or aftermarket 3/4/5 point harness. Aftermarket
harness must be installed at correct angle.
5.4 Minimum 4 point Roll Bars are required in open
cockpit vehicles. Roll cages are highly recommended in
all vehicles but not required.
5.5 Fire extinguishers are required in all vehicles.
5.6 -Added 2018- Factory anti-intrusion bar/ side impact
bar/ door bar, must not be removed.
6. TANDEM DRIVERS Required Safety Equipment
6.1 -Removed 2018-
6.2 -Removed 2018-
6.3 Roll cages are strongly recommended