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Nissfest Exhibition Drift

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Spike Drift

2019 Nissfest brought out Spike Drift! What a party!

More Than a Car Show: The Nissan Festival

Car Show, Drift Event, Shopping, Music, Food and of course Nissan Enthusiast Community!

Car Models

What would a festival be without the hottest Magazine and Instagram car Models?

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Please Note : Nissfest Irwindale 2021 Event will not Host a Drift Competition but instead Car Show Entrants and Drag racing Entrants can Drift and perform burnouts in the Burnout Box.


Drift Track



Open Drift Event  



The Nissfest Drift Day will be an open drift day for all cars. There will be two 1.5 hour morning practice sessions. Followed by an hour of solo and tandem qualifying. The top drivers in each class will get to move on to the final competition session in the evening. Finally, the top performing solo drivers and the final tandem battles will take place under the Irwindale lights in front of a packed house!
This is the perfect opportunity for you to have fun in your own car in the Irwindale Speedway oval. The multiple class format will allow you to drive at your own pace and speed. Advanced drivers will have the opportunity to tandem with their friends, with the option to drive on the big Irwindale bank!


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*Registration covers track use only. Drivers and Passengers must purchase a $20 general admission ticket.