Q: What are the event hours of NissFest?
A: 12PM to 6:00PM (gates open at 12:00PM)

Q: Any general questions about NissFest or NissFest related items?
A: Please contact Tony at tony@nissfest.com
Q: Are tickets per person or per car?
A: Tickets are per person. Purcahse here – Nissfest 2022

Q: I pre-registed for the AutoX/Track Day/Dyno Have Pre purchased Track tickets do I still need to pay the $20 Gate Fee?
A: Yes, everyone who enters for the track & Auto Cross event is charged by the track facility. Car show registraints are exempt from this fee.

Q: Can I bring my G37/350Z/Mazdaspeed3/Miata/Other?
A: Yes/Yes/No/No This is a Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun Exclusive Event.

Q: Will food be available?
A: Yes, we will have great food trucks, but plan ahead for cash in hand.

Q: Can I bring a grill?
A: No, unfortunately BBQ’ing is not permitted in the NissFest parking lot.

Q: Will alcohol be available?
A: Yes, alcohol will be available at the venue.

Q: Do I get a goody bag?
A: Yes, if you’re one of the first 150 people to enter you get a goody bag.

Q: How does the door prize raffle work?
A: Awesomely. Read about it here.

Q: Can I bring my pet dog/cat/spider monkey/llama/unicorn
A: Sorry no pets are allowed at Irwindale Speedway.

Q: Refunds?
A: No refunds on tickets. NissFest happens rain or shine.

Q: Can I leave NissFest and come back in?
A: Yes, you will be issued a wrist band for the event which will allow you to leave and enter all day long.

Q: Can I bring stuff to sell?
A: No, only paying vendors can sell at NissFest. Anyone vending or marketing products or service at NissFest w/o being an approve vendor will be asked to leave. Please contact Tony@nissfest about becoming a authorized vendor.

Q: Can I bring my kids, parents, grand parents? Kids 2 and under get in for free.
A: YES!!! NissFest is, by design, a fun for the whole family event.

Q: ATM on site?
A: Yes! But it is CASH ONLY at the gate. Please visit one beforehand if you plan on buying your ticket upon arrival. We will hold your car and treat it Ferris Bueller style while you go to the ATM inside AAA Speedway to get your admission money.

Q: Will there be tickets for sale?
A: Yes, $25.00 ($20 pre-sale) per person only for general admission (no special packages) and again, CASH ONLY!! They will be available at the ticket booth inside.

Q: WIFI/Internet service?
A: Nothing official through NissFest for attendees.

Q: Car Trailer parking?
A: Yes, if you are trailering a car to NissFest there will be a place to drop your trailer away from the vendor, cars show, rally expose areas. If you are trailering please let us know ahead of the event so we can give you special instructions. Please contact Tony about the details.